Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum quantity of candy if I want it customized?
The minimum batch size is 4kg. The candy is made entirely by hand, in what is an extraordinary, sculptural process. While this makes it very cool, it also means that there is a limit on how small an amount of candy we can work with. Of course, all our standard retail lollies can be ordered by the bag.

What happens when I submit an online inquiry?
Nothing is confirmed, and you are not required to pay for anything when your inquiry is submitted. We believe that speaking with you in person the only way to make sure we know exactly what you want. Even if you have no idea what you want, send us your contact details and one of our team will contact you shortly to discuss how best to make you a little Sticky.

Is there a lead time? How long will it take my lollies to be made?
Everything at Sticky is made entirely by hand, which means we need to watch our production schedule carefully. A good rule of thumb is to try to give us three weeks notice, with a little more time around the Christmas period if possible. Of course, we will always do our best to fill urgent requests where possible, and we usually manage it, but the more notice you can give us, the better.

How many candies are there in a 4kg batch?
Everything that we do is either cut or moulded by hand as such each piece will vary slightly in size and weight. But as a guide, we get approximately 400 pieces per kg so 4kg will give you 1600 pieces.

Are the packaging options on the Pricing and Packaging page my only choices?
No. We are just about infinitely flexible. Some jars, some bags, half this, half that. Whatever you think you might need, just get in contact and we’ll make it happen. If you don’t need it all packaged, we’ll provide the remainder to you in 1kg bags at no cost.

Can I package it myself?
We love it when you package it yourself. Please remember that there are no preservatives in what we do and that the lollies do need to be packed into something airtight. There are some beautiful packaging options out there, but if they aren’t completely airtight, make sure the lollies go into a small bag or similar airtight container first.

How many packets can I get out of a 4kg batch?
As mentioned before, the flexibility of packaging the candies in bags allows you to determine how much candy exactly will go into each bag. Each piece of candy weighs approximately 2.5g, so as a guide if you have 8 pieces per bag (20g), you can get 200 x 20g bags.

Is there an expiry date on the Candy?
Yes. Although it is a wonderful preservative, the nature of sugar is that it wants to be a crystal. After about 6 months, the candy will begin to crystallize, the colors will start to fade, and the texture will change. You can still eat it, but it won’t remain quite as beautiful.

Does my choice of color limit the choice of flavor?
No. Any color with any flavor. They are separate processes. Just remember that each batch will be a single flavor and color scheme choice.

Can Sticky deliver anywhere? Overseas?
Yes. Cost of the candy is the same, but delivery charges will change. Send an enquiry through and we will give you a quote. Sticky also has other outlets in Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and other countries. You can get all their details on our Contact Us pages.

How do I keep the candies?
Always keep your candies in a cool dry area, preferably in an air-tight container. An air-conditioned environment such as the office will be most ideal. DO NOT refrigerate unless you have the iron discipline of returning your candies to the refrigerator immediately after consumption.

My candies are all stuck together! What do I do?
We will be honest, rock candy when left exposed, will absorb as much moisture as it can. Storage conditions (as mentioned above) will be the most ideal/helpful in extending the shelf life (anything from six months to a year) but there is no such thing as an air-tight container/bag that will prevent it from clumping together unless additives are added into the rock candy.

Do you guys have any form of animal fat or gelatine that goes into the candies?
All our candies are completely free from animal fat and gelatine. They are made with GLUCOSE which is derived from wheat, but contain 0% Gelatine.

What brand of sugar is used?
Most consumers are not aware that the quality of sugar affects the taste and quality of rock candy. Here at Sticky, we use only refined sugar from SIS, please be mindful of who you buy your candies from and what ingredients they use. Rock candy is meant to be yummy not yucky!

Where are the candies made?
Yes we do get this question in our email from time to time. Sticky Singapore is the first FULL-FLEDGED customized candy store to grace the shores of Singapore where everything you see in the shop is created by us in front of our customers. Do drop by for a visual feast!